Rosey Edeh - Photo Credit Moe Doiron - The Globe and Mail

Rosey Edeh - Photo Credit Moe Dorion - The Globe and Mail

By Monique Savin – The Globe and Mail

Before Rosey Edeh, 44, became a reporter for ET Canada, the former college track star represented Canada in three Olympic Games. Now her athleticism helps her race between movie premieres and airports.

My goal

“To always keep my level of endurance and strength high; I used to run 400-metre hurdles and now I love running 5K and 10K races for charity.”

My workout

“I copy my old coach’s workouts, but I don’t worry about speed. I have a Nautilus combination system at home where you turn the keys to have anywhere from five to 50 pounds in your hands, so I do two to three exercises per body part, two days a week. And I do a lot of circuit training, so I might do lunges with some weights, stop, and give legs a break and do bench press or even push-ups, and then go back to lunges, and then back to push-ups. For core, I do crunches with a five-kilo medicine ball. Realizing cross training gives my body a break, six years ago I added the elliptical machine or the recumbent bike to my cardio workouts, which are about 40 minutes, five days a week.”

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