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Nikki Yanofsky is adding her voice to the campaign against anti-bullying.

Nikki Yanofsky Speaks Out Against Bullying with Rosey Edeh

Nikki Yanofsky Speaks Out Against Bullying with Rosey Edeh

The 16-year-old singer caught up with ET Canada before and after her performance at Canada’s Walk of Fame concert event last weekend. Check out what she had to say about the cause:

“I’ve always been a huge advocate against bullying because I myself was actually a target all through elementary school I was tormented every day. Not physically but verbally and actually when I was in the 6th grade, we still don’t know who to this day because it was anonymous, but people kept putting gum in my hat – chewed gum. So when I put it on it would get stuck in my hair and they would put it in my boot and I would have to buy new boots because it would get stuck to my sock. I had to go to school everyday living in suspicion of everyone in my class and I was very very very lucky to have a great support system.”

Her advice to others getting bullied: “I learned that you have to know who you are even if you’re unsure of it. You can’t doubt yourself you just have to have confidence and I know that’s easier said then done trust me I know that but you just have to keep your head held high even if you don’t believe it because soon enough you will. I would just say you have to treat it like water off a ducks back and know that all they’re looking for is a reaction and if you don’t give it to them then it will stop.”