Shoes, Shopping and Chocolate. Oh my!

You watch the news, catch a glimpse of the front page of most newspapers and you tend to think, “Man, the world’s not a happy place!” Well, let me take you to my happy, frivolous, fantastical place that is Harrod’s in London. I can’t help but admire the artistry that went into crafting this delightful treat! Even if you don’t care for chocolate, you gotta be impressed. If you do happen to like shoes and/or chocolate, Oh! what bliss, admiring such a thing of beauty! The chocolatier could have just made a hunk of chocolate but no!! he/she was inspired to create a delectable treat that made me smile. Since I don’t travel anywhere without my camera-yeah, I a bit of a goof that way- I had to bust it out and grab a couple of pics even though you are not suppose to take photos in Harrod’s. Hey, you only live once, sometimes you gotta break the “itty bitty” rules and and have a little fun.

When the world seems to weigh you down where do you find beauty and inspiration?