William Shatner! On March 22, 2011 this witty, energetic personable YOUNG man will be 80! The key to his longevity? Dude knows how to laugh and laugh at himself! We all need that kind of humour in our lives. When I interviewed Bill in Ottawa just before he hosted the 31st Genie Awards, my man was cool as a cucumber, full of opinion on any and everything and always ready to share a joke and a story. He told me about a relative who was on his last leg, hooked up to machines and in a lot of pain. He went to a hospice to “check out”. They put him on some pain killers, pulled out the tubes and figured he’d be out for the count in a matter of days BUT the opposite happened, he healed and is alive and kicking years later. William says the guy just surrendered to it all, went with the flow, got quiet and got better! Maybe there’s a message in there for anyone knocking their head against the wall trying to make something happen? Try this guy’s approach and just go with it!

You’re a good man William Shatner! Keep doing what you do and thanks for the wicked fun interview!