Let's hear it for LOVE!

Rosey Edeh and Jay Baruchel in Ottawa

Jay, Jay! The dude from around my way! Montreal that is. Interviewed the proudly Canadian actor Jay Baruchel at the Genie Awards in Ottawa March 2011. He was good to go, his movie, ‘The Trotsky’ had picked up a Genie and he won ‘The User’ Award- we’re both still trying to figure out exactly what that one’s all about- beating out some stiff competition like Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. Yeah, he won big that night but the lanky actor from NDG, (Holler if you’re from the hood!) Quebec was smiling for a whole other reason…dude’s in LOVE. He proudly told me he’s engaged to actress Alison Pill. He could barely sit still when talking about his purposal and how the two will be married Sept 2011 or was it 2012?

Love’s a good thing. keep it, cherish it and let it rule!