About Rosey

Rosey Edeh AKA the Diva and the Jock has walked the red carpet of film festivals, award shows and interviewed hundreds of A-list stars (including Halle Berry, Brad Pitt, and Denzel Washington) for her day job at Global TV’s ET Canada. She’s also walked the runway at many fashion shows. So that definitely qualifies her as a diva. Before Rosey was ever a diva, she represented Canada in not one, or two but THREE Olympic Games. Rosey still holds the Canadian record in the 400m hurdles, runs 5k road races and works out daily at the gym and at her home in Toronto. Rosey has served as commentator on CBC at the 2008 Beijing Summer Games and interviewed athletes at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, Canada. She then dropped the athletic gear, put on a gorgeous Paul Hardy gown and worked the 2010 Academy Awards red carpet in Los Angeles, USA on ET Canada. In 2011 Rosey travelled throughout the U.K.reporting on the most watched tv event in decades, Will and Kate’s wedding. Watch out, the Diva and the Jock has got a whole lot more coming up, so keep watching and reading!

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