A Leap of Faith

Rosey Edeh with Joshua jackson

Rosey Edeh with Joshua Jackson in Northern California

Ever get a last minute call to do something that both thrills and scares the heck out of you? Well that was me March 10, 2011. I got a call to go on a road trip with Joshua Jackson and the Mercedes team to showcase the co.’s new fuel cell car.

I said yes but didn’t even have all the details. It turned out to be one of the best gigs of my career! Of course it started out shaky (good things sometimes start out that way!), my cameraman got detained at the border and couldn’t make the trip, so I had to produce this 2 day shoot with a camera team I’d never met and interview a Canadian actor I was about to spend 2 days with in a compact car-ALONE! I know how to do my job and interview just about anyone but it was still pretty jarring to find out after touching down in Redding, California, that I’d have to actually spend some one on one time with the actor in the car, no back up, so to speak!

Let me say, sometimes you gotta just take a leap of faith! Actually, there was no turning back at that point, I was on site and fully committed! So, I met the crew and Josh, a few minutes after landing and  then we were off on our road trip. 1st part of the trip was a full car, I was directing the Mercedes crew on the type of shots I needed, got a partial interview with josh, right off the bat. Then, a few hours into the drive the crew hopped into following vans to get exterior shots and it was just me and Josh in the car. All I could do was be myself which is exactly what he did. It turned out to be the coolest, easiest time I’ve ever had with someone I’d never met before.  I’m not going to go into detail about everything we talked about but we talked a whole lot; family, mothers, politics, the environment and then some! The final piece that aired on ET Canada was a story I was seriously proud of! (Go to ET, punch in Josh Jackson to find video) Proud, like when you learned to ride a bike without the training wheels before every other kid on your block, proud! I even shot part of the interview myself using my Flip cam. This adventure taught me sometimes the scariest, most unpredictable events in your life can turn out be the most fun and most rewarding. The next time you run into a challenge what will you do?


Bliss in London!


Shoes, Shopping and Chocolate. Oh my!

You watch the news, catch a glimpse of the front page of most newspapers and you tend to think, “Man, the world’s not a happy place!” Well, let me take you to my happy, frivolous, fantastical place that is Harrod’s in London. I can’t help but admire the artistry that went into crafting this delightful treat! Even if you don’t care for chocolate, you gotta be impressed. If you do happen to like shoes and/or chocolate, Oh! what bliss, admiring such a thing of beauty! The chocolatier could have just made a hunk of chocolate but no!! he/she was inspired to create a delectable treat that made me smile. Since I don’t travel anywhere without my camera-yeah, I a bit of a goof that way- I had to bust it out and grab a couple of pics even though you are not suppose to take photos in Harrod’s. Hey, you only live once, sometimes you gotta break the “itty bitty” rules and and have a little fun.

When the world seems to weigh you down where do you find beauty and inspiration?


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